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Housing and shops (Hong Kong, Hong Kong)

Housing and shops

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Blocul Rotund (Bucharest, Romania)

Blocul Rotund

Bucharest, Romania (1970)

Le Belvédère (Toulouse, France)

Le Belvédère

Toulouse, France (1967)

Les Damiers (Courbevoie, France)

Les Damiers

Courbevoie, France (1974-1976)

Aborted project (Yaroslavl, Russia)

Aborted project

Yaroslavl, Russia

Bierpinsel (Berlin, Germany)


Berlin, Germany (1972-1976)

Offices & Housing (Onagawa, Japan)

Offices & Housing

Onagawa, Japan

Les Étoiles (Givors, France)

Les Étoiles

Givors, France (1981)

Résidence Casanova (Ivry-sur-Seine, France)

Résidence Casanova

Ivry-sur-Seine, France (1972)