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Summerhill Hotel (Aberdeen, United Kingdom)

Summerhill Hotel

Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Norwich Hollywood Cinema (Norwich, United Kingdom)

Norwich Hollywood Cinema

Norwich, United Kingdom (1969-1971)

LOST Theatre (London, United Kingdom)

LOST Theatre

London, United Kingdom (1982)

Manors Car Park (Newcastle, United Kingdom)

Manors Car Park

Newcastle, United Kingdom (1963)

Temple Way pedestrian footbridge (Bristol, United Kingdom)

Temple Way pedestrian footbridge

Bristol, United Kingdom

Bank of England (Newcastle, United Kingdom)

Bank of England

Newcastle, United Kingdom (1971)

Norton Road Car Park (Hove, United Kingdom)

Norton Road Car Park

Hove, United Kingdom (1970-1974)

Thamesgate Shopping Centre & Car Park (Gravesend, United Kingdom)

Thamesgate Shopping Centre & Car Park

Gravesend, United Kingdom (1975)