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John Lewis Store Building (Aberdeen, United Kingdom)

John Lewis Store Building

Aberdeen, United Kingdom (1966-1970)

Hilliard Towers Apartments (Chicago, United States)

Hilliard Towers Apartments

Chicago, United States (1966)

Meda Pharma Laboratory (Merignac, France)

Meda Pharma Laboratory

Merignac, France (1966)

Maison Drusch (Versailles, France)

Maison Drusch

Versailles, France (1963-1966)

Tours de l'Île Verte (Grenoble, France)

Tours de l'Île Verte

Grenoble, France (1964-1966)

Former Embassy of the UK (Madrid, Spain)

Former Embassy of the UK

Madrid, Spain (1966)

Rockhill housing (Montreal, Canada)

Rockhill housing

Montreal, Canada (1966-1968)

Orlando Public Library (Orlando, United States)

Orlando Public Library

Orlando, United States (1966)

Électricité De France (Orléans, France)

Électricité De France

Orléans, France (1966-1969)